Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is for those who would like to:

  • Clarify key challenges and dilemmas in everyday practice.
  • Prevent and manage conflicts at work.
  • Become more clear on your own thoughts and approach to a problem.
  • See new opportunities in a situation, that is experienced as stucked.
  • Develop social or personal competencies.
  • Have the support to make the best decision for you and your organization.
  • Have a reflection break with time to reflect on important issues, that give you new perspectives and angles.

Coaching is an effective and targeted work with individual, work-related challenges and desires.
With me as your consultant you get:

  • 25 years of experience from +350 jobs - I know the practices in many different companies.
  • A certified facilitator and coach, that are dedicated to solve the task and are using a personal approach.
  • Methods to ensure lasting and concrete effects so that you get the most out of my assistance.

My consulting and software company HydroInform had spread in too many areas. There was a need to devise a strategy where the focus was on only one or two areas. In that connection, I had the pleasure of Arne as a coach.

Through the conversation came more clarity on what was important to both the company and me as a person. Arne subsequently made a structured document, which consisted of quotes (my own words) from the conversation.

This particular document has been very useful to return to when deciding something. Arne has also excellently coached me in connection with ideas for my company's website.

Jan Gregersen

Manager at Hydroinform, Civilingeniør, Ph.D.

What is personal coaching?

Personal coaching is a special form of conversation where the focus is 100% on your goals or challenges. As an employee or manager, you may be left alone with dilemmas, priorities, or decisions you need to make.

Conversing with a coach who is trained to be a catalyst, active listener, sparring partner and constructive partner and opponent can be invaluable help and support.

Personal coaching is for any employee or manager who wants to investigate a problem, dilemma, goal or challenge.
In the Coach talk:

We explore your interpretations, resources and options in relation to the desired theme.

You often spot new perspectives on your situation, when you meet clever questions, and reflect on what you are telling, and picking up on the things that are going on in the conversation again.

Coaching aims at more understanding because it prerequisite for you to act in the best way possible in the future.

In the case of organizational coaching, we work within the organizational context's goals and frameworks, and are based on the work-related.

At the same time, all relevant themes can be touched upon, but the goal is to solve challenges or strengthen competencies in relation to your work function when it comes to organizational coaching.

You can set small or large goals as a starting point for one or more coaching conversations, or the coaching may be more aimed at creating a more clear consciousness about a certain subject.

A coaching conversation will always include a "contract" which means that we agree on what you would like out of the conversation before we start. This is often the work we start out with, in the coaching converstaion.

My dilemma gets framed early in the conversation and, via a few questions, focuses on what is really most important to me in my future career.

I have a feeling that Arne understands my dilemma and recognizes how important my career is to me. I experience, that the conversation is based on my personal dilemma, without getting interfered with Arne's personal attitudes.

The conversation took place in a relaxed atmosphere despite my dilemma being quite concerning and serious to me. I would definitely recommend Arne to others!

Lars Baadsgaad
Test Economist in the Consumer Council, Tænk

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