Manager Training

Manager training gives you:

  • New ways to approach the situations and employees you find particularly challenging.
  • A stronger impact due a better and more sharp messages.
  • Increased transparency and strengthened relationship with your employees and your impact on them.
  • A reflection break with the time to think about important issues that gives you new perspectives and angles.
  • Clarity on your own thoughts and approach to a problem.
  • New tools for making meaningfull and valuable dialogues with employees and management colleagues.
  • More posibilities of action.
With me as your consultant you get:

  • 25 years of experience from +350 jobs - I know the practices in many different companies.
  • A certified facilitator and coach, that are dedicated to solve the task and are using a personal approach.
  • Methods to ensure lasting and concrete effects so that you get the most out of my assistance.
Examples of how leadership training takes place:

Forum games: a method to train to handle challenging situations
Based on cases where the communication goes off track or collaboration is difficult, I facilitate reflections and we work on getting specific scenes, based on interviews with the customer, that actors show on track again.

We try different actions and see examples of reactions from different employees in practice of - to see what these actions can lead to of. A very instructive method that greatly prepares you as a leader to handle difficult situations.

Zero text exercises followed by pitch training
By using a text that you as a manager do not have any especially feelings or knowledge about, we focus on mimicry, gesture, pauses and voice use (the actor's basic tools). ​
You as a leader get feedback on and train, what you can do to make better contact, become clearer and thus, stand much stronger with a presentation.

With pitchtraining, you are working with, how to adjust the content of your presentation, whether it be a savings, organizational change or brand new initiatives you need to implement.
Training in the coaching approach

With very practically exercises we train basic and effective tools, that you as a leader can use to clarify what underlies the actions of your employees or what it takes to make a collaboration work better from the employee's perspective.

Examples of tools is change of perspective, reflection of words or actions, transparency and effective issues that create reflection and make you even clearer as leader and provide information so you can consider, decide and act on a even more thoroughly.

I think the training has been very good. Arne has given me some useful techniques and tricks and also help to approach the presenter role in a different way. I am already using and seeing the benefit of what I have learned!

Hanne Sørensen

MA, Global Marketing Manager, DGG Pathology Marketing, Dako Denmark A/S, and Agilent Technologies Company


"Self-indulgence" is probably the word that best describes what I got out of a short but intensive dissemination training course with Arne Stentoft. It was both fun, educational and very constructive to have Arne's eyes on my own dissemination. He could see some strengths I had not seen myself - and came up with tips and ideas on how to make it better. Pure pampering!

Susanne Pihl Hansen

Pihl Inklusive

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