Team Development

The high-performance team is not just there by it self - it demands, for example clear framework, clear objectives, well-founded role distribution and clear internal trust-based communication. On the other hand, the high-performing team can really deliver a high quality product to such an extent, so a team is worth investing in.

Team Development gives your team:

  • Higher efficiency because collaboration works optimally.
  • Better utilization of the team's skills and resources because they are clear to the entire team.
  • More calm and thus less stress and increased well-being in the team.
  • Better results and increased quality in solution solutions.
  • Increased professionalism through a constructive and evolving feedback culture.
With me as your consultant you get:

  • 25 years of experience from +350 jobs - I know the practices in many different companies.
  • A certified facilitator and coach, that are dedicated to solve the task and are using a personal approach.
  • Methods to ensure lasting and concrete effects so that you get the most out of my assistance.
Why work with Team Development?

Maybe the framework for your team is a little unclear, which for instance means that it is unclear, what decisions you can make yourself or what tasks you need to solve and which ones you can solve. You may also be uncertain about what results you are expected to achieve and what you can define as a success.

It may also be that your roles are unclear - who is responsible for which tasks and how do you share the tasks in the team? Maybe you experience in between working unnecessarily much on certain tasks because there is a lack of a clear deal how to do it.

Finally, it may also be that the mood of your team sometimes is harsh or uncomfortable because unnecessary conflicts arise. The team might not know how to resolve these conflicts or there might simply be a difference in what behaviors the team members can accept among themselves.

Collaborators may also find, that there is a great deal of variation in what information and how communication takes place, depending on who from the team they are in contact with.

All important parameters that can create an unnecessary heavy weight on each team members and create dissatisfaction, inefficiency and demotivation.
How do I work with team development?

My first step is always interviewing the team itself, so I get clarified where the teeam really struggles with for instance rules of play and clarity about what balls the team has, and how to play them.

I work on find an agreement and create a close collaboration with the immediate leader of the team, so that the degree of team self-determination and self-management of "the game" the team is set to play and what goals to pursue is made clear to everyone.

I investigate the diversity and ensure that it becomes clear where the biggest and most important struggle is in the team and what themes they need to work on with my external facilitation and management.

Dynamic exercises involving the body and dialogues to make it easier to grasp the ball, without individual team members feeling exposed and hit is a key element.

Clearly and precise tasks that help the team implement tools and appointments themselves are also an important part of my work.
I have seen my team do a great job since our team day with Arne Stentoft. It has been and remains a joy to get down in the team, the positive mood, the preparation of many status reports and the joy of learning something new. 

They state that it is not useful to complain, even if they have been too few at work. They have taken a huge step, not only can I see it, but others see it too.

Lisbeth Overgaard
Deputy Manager / Head of Department, Johannes Hages Hus

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