Pitch training

Pitch training helps you choose the tight words, pictures and examples + a structure so your pitch is:

  • Absolutely clear and focussed on what is most important to convey to the targeted recipient.
  • Clear on your purpose of pitching to just those you are facing.
  • Simple and easy to understand - even for anyone with a different professional background than yours.
  • Irresistible to the recipient - she just has to hear the pitch to the end.
Applies whether you are going to pitch in front of your team, staff, partners, investors or customers.
During pitch training

  • We explore your relevant experiences i relation to the theme, product or service.
  • We find out what the recipient needs to keep the interest on your pitch.
  • We investigate and brainstorm images or metaphors that may help to enhance the understanding of the recipient.
  • We sharpen the individual elements of the pitch, so they stand as strong as possible.
  • We structure the pitch so that it both maintains the recipient's curiosity and makes you feel natural and fluid while pitching.
Pitch training workshops

I do workshops for up to 100 participants, where the content is an interaction between very short presentations, exercises and eventually feedback on a concrete pitch.

I have for made workshops with pitch training for a broad a crowd:
DTU Skylab, Science Innovation HUB (KU), Venture Cup, Lejre Erhvervsforum, HK Trafic and Railway and Lolland Municipality.
Why not practice using body language convincingly?

You may be wondering why body language and use of voice is not a are part of my pitch training. That would also be obvious - I have been teaching the theme for 20 years and can draw on my background as an actor, but there is a particularly strong argument:

When you find out what is really important to you in terms of what you need to pitch, and you get linked to your personal commitment and values, your commitment and the feelings associated with it will inevitably show up in your communication on a totally unique way.

You become alive, varied and exciting to listen to without it being in any way recorded or learned. It is, so to speak, a shortcut to a very compelling body language.
Pitch training produces strong results:
For startups
At KU Science Innovation HUB, I have assisted several startups since June 2017, of which approximately 50% of those who subsequently participated in competitions have won,
For example:
  • The main prize of 100,000, -, the partial prize of 25,000, - via Venture Cup.
  • The course “Incubation” via the Venture Cup.
  • InnoFounder course.
For managers
I have, for example, trained managers of municipal companies to strengthen their contact through the use of body, mimicry and timing and followed up by pitch training, which has given them:

  • A much stronger impact - the message becomes much clearer and easier to understand for employees.
  • A stronger relationship with employees, despite relatively few physical meetings.
  • A stronger attitude for the individual leader, because they have become more aware of their tools and sharpened what they wanted to convey.
When I know exactly what to say and connect to my own commitment, the form becomes vibrant, exciting and unique by itself.

When I know what it takes to get others to understand my messages and what tools and content capture and hold others' interest and curiosity, I am incredibly well helped.

Before you assisted me, I just had a number of ideas. You helped me create a story where I present myself and my commitment to my product. The pitch is super fine with a good structure, rhythm and tempo. In the video, I appear much like myself, present and competent.

Mette Bøgeskov
Psychologist, Forandringsagenterne
What makes pitch training one of my specialties:

My 25 years of experience of training trainers to sharpen messages and my work with storytelling due to my background as an actor.

These two professional strengths combined with my facilitation and coaching skills, as well as strong ability to put myself in the place of others and recipients, make me an ideal sparring partner and co-creator of your personal and unique pitch.

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