What characterize my workshops?

  • Training of useful and selected tools that fit the practice in which they are used.
  • Before and after assignments to create the best conditions for transfer and use in daily work after the workshop.
  • Implementation in daily practice is a central part of the workshop.
  • Reflections and valuable targeted exchange of experience.

It was some exciting and thoughtful hours we shared, with some reflection. There are several positive feedback from the lessons. I think it was really good! One of the reasons it was so relevant, was that Arne had already involved us through the processing. The planning of the content was nearly our own and close to our daily communication. Arne was very good at making the lessons alive and with "play", but also with room for good reflection / learning. Actually, we got pretty far towards the essentials, in just 3 hours!

Lotte Kidmose 
Coordinating Nurse, Nursing Home, ”Bakkely”

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What characterizes my lecture?

  • Vivid and varied in communication form with recognizable and relevant examples.
  • Humor and clearly visually substantiated points.
  • Small tasks to the participants, for involving and anchor the knowledge.
  • Thoughtful and informative.
With me as your consultant you get:

  • 25 years of experience from +350 jobs - I know the practices in many different companies.
  • A certified facilitator and coach, that are dedicated to solve the task and are using a personal approach.
  • Methods to ensure lasting and concrete effects so that you get the most out of my assistance.

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