About Arne

25 years of experience from

+ 350 jobs
Certified and Personal:
  • IAF certified facilitator
  • EMCC certified coach
  • Personal approach
I create permanent effect:
  • Before and after process
  • Collaborative approach
  • Customizing every task

I love facilitating team development and leadership development, and creating constructive dialogues where there is room for disagreement and reflection. I like to share my extensive toolkit of dynamic exercises, tips & tricks for facilitating good meetings, getting good ideas, and finding a good agreement with a group. I have a special ability to make it vibrant and unpretentious, but at the same time very concrete and practical.

One speciality I have is to use live cases in workshops, courses and development processes, and use forum games or dynamic exercises - at the same time my focus is always on making all participants good. It goes hand in hand with my learning vision: adapted participant activity, the feeling of being seen and heard and of course time for reflection.

Another of my specialties is the personal communication and presentation that I have helped countless people strengthen and sharpen, through both pitch training, leadership training, and teacher training.

I enjoy filling out an important and leading role in a large group of people with presence and authenticity. I have many experiences getting people out on the floor for concrete training and active reflection, in an atmosphere of safety with humor and good laughs.

CALL without obligation and talk with me about a desire

You are always welcome to call me and get a chat about your desire for a team development process, or a staff day or conference to be designed to be both active, varied and educational.

I am an educated actor, Master in Adult Education, EMCC certified Coach, and IAF certified Facilitator.


Arne is a highly skilled and motivating consultant who tackles classic issues in a workplace in a very unconventional, recognizable and humorous way - a way for everyone to participate and take action.


Birgitte Frimer-Larsen

Chief, Civil Service, surcharge 65+, Copenhagen Commune


For 10 years, at KU-LIFE, I have used Arne's expertise as a process consultant. Arne has been a great inspirer and a sure performer in the development of Storry-telling courses and in coaching for the host role of the LIFE guides.


Annemette Dorthe M. Lynnerup

Project Manager JobLab LIFE, Kbh. Uni.


Arne is, as a coach and teacher of communication, eminent to hit right into the issues that are most relevant to address. I've tried the new techniques and tools between each workshop - and it do works!


Gitte Klitgaard

Independent Organizational Consultant