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The course greatly met our expectations to the extend, that the very different group was made aware of the importance of good communication with our customers, including the importance of always ending a dialogue in a positive way for both parties.

The use of you as actors and the final full-scale game on the ferry, we consider very valuable, because it created situations that were close to the real situation. In addition, we were able to directly develop relevant tools, that will make communications between the ferry and customers even better.


Hans Borchersen

Port and Ferry Manager, Lolland Kommune


For 15 years I have worked with Arne Stentoft in planning and organizing theme days. Arne is really good, based on my input, to form an overview of the consultancy task and from there create thematic days for the employees.

For the past three years, Arne has been actively involved in Johannes Hages Hus's development work - a team development course for our 4 teams, where the aim is to establish a connection between the theoretical basis and practice. Against this background, Arne has a good knowledge of the company and uses both brain and body in the interaction with the employees. And at a very fair price.

Anne Juelkert

Principal, Johannnes Hages Hus


Hos At Mazda Motor Denmark, we have wanted to strengthen our dealer network employees in the difficult art, communication and conflict resolution.
We have been greeted with great enthusiasm from Joost Alexander and Arne Stentoft since the start of planning, where thoroughness has been a key word.
During all the courses, the course holders Joost Alexander, Arne Stentoft and actors have shown great professionalism, dedication, credibility and good humor. And it's hard not to get carried away along the way.
Our communication course was held as a 2-day course with a follow-up meeting approx. 4-6 months later.
We have held a total of 14 training courses - 5 for Mazda technicians and 9 for engineers, customers and spare parts personnel. All with 12-15 participants.
We can only give Joost Alexander and Arne Stentoft the best recommendations!

Thomas Petersen

Technical Specialist, Mazda Motor Danmark A/S

The day lived up to our expectations for the purpose of the day. Arne was good at "spotting" the group along the way and was a good "getting started". 

I especially like the part about breaking into the role play and taking over was good. There was a lot of learning in that. The effect that we wanted, namely to start feeling more comfortable with each other, has certainly happened. I clearly experience a more relaxed and positive mood.

Dorthe Milthers

Area Manager, Norddjurs Kommune

Recently, I won a place as Innofounder at the Innovation Fund, which I can very much thank Arne for. He helped me sharpen my pitch. 
We reviewed how the pitch should be structured, we flipped and rotated all sentences and talked about how I could grab the judges attention from the first sentence. The focus was on how, with my pitch, I could tell about who I am, my product and my mission in a coherent story that even came to the judge's question. 
The training of Arne required active involvement of me because he helped me find the answers myself, which in my opinion is the best way to learn. I have had 3 x 1 ½ hours with Arne and as a result I have significantly improved my ability to pitch my “Start-up story” that clarifies who I am and what I work for.

I would highly recommend Arne to anyone who wants to improve their dissemination and create the best story about their project.

Jonathan Asmund Arnesen



You have contributed with supervision for 2 years in a slightly different way, where we talked about the challenges in relation to our daily practice as a management. It has been constructive and very useful with your very honest and appreciative approach to us as a leader in a turbulent time. Your notes to us after the supervision have been useful for post-reflection.

Jette Stork

Constituted Principal, Lindevanghjemmets Fond

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