Meeting Facilitation

Meetings that create common focus, direction and ownership are of great value to the company and means a great deal to the individual employee's job satisfaction and efficiency. Leading and facilitating a good meeting requires skills that we do not all have, so get help with meeting facilitation or training and tools in facilitation.

The facilitated meeting gives you:

  • Focus on goals and purpose during the meeting.
  • Input from all participants who are heard and involved in discussions and possible decisions.
  • An overview of the thoughts, attitudes and ideas that emerge at the meeting.
  • Variation, dynamics and energy throughout the meeting.
  • Dialogues characterized by reflection and creativity.
  • An agenda that is help you to reach it all in the time set.
  • Clear conclusions and action plans so you know who does what when - in short: implementation.
Why facilitate meetings?

You are using a lot of the companys time resources, when a group of emplyees get together, so it is especially important that you spend the common time in a good and efficient way, when you meet.

Of course, the actual output of the meeting is important in itself, but the motivation and energy each of you bring with you after a meeting is also depending by how the meeting made progress and created results.

Experiencing a meeting unfocused and maybe even almost a waste of time, will have a negative effect on the job satisfaction, focus and also the efficiency after the meeting for everyone who participated in the meeting.

Conversely, the well-orchestrated meeting can give focus and direction, strengthen the job satisfaction and support the individual's work performance in a positive way.

It is also crucial, that everyone get the chance to bring input, is actively involved in the meeting and subsequently feels ownership of the joint decisions. You often use meetings to discuss and decide important common points for the company.
With me as your consultant you get:

  • 25 years of experience from +350 jobs - I know the practices in many different companies.
  • A certified facilitator and coach, that are dedicated to solve the task and are using a personal approach.
  • Methods to ensure lasting and concrete effects so that you get the most out of my assistance.
In connection with the work of translating well-being from word to action and giving a diffuse concept of meaning and ownership, I have used Arne Stentoft. The result was a half-day workshop where they managed to best manage and assist a large MED committee through a series of exercises that balanced the personal and organizational finances.

Methodically, they affected our wishes and needs purely and were instrumental in bringing us a step further in our work on the trust agenda in the City of Copenhagen's Culture and Leisure Management.

Sanne Caft
Deputy Chief, Copenhagen Central Library

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